Leten Lighting AV Stick-Young Version


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Leten Young Version Wand Vibrator is one of the porn actresses Yui Nagase who designates female ejaculation wand vibrator, give you clitoris stimulation and a unique C spot massager. The vibrator has an A-plus feature of the heating function. The toy has a powerful motor to give strong vibrations. It has a big head to cover the whole sensitive area. The big head will give a big shock. If a girl wants an intense orgasm then she will need this one. It will give a large area stimulus, the big head will give a great message. The legs will be very weak during the night as the head is 55mm big. It has a neck with a 360-degree angle bend and its head will freely fit the genitals. To experience heating with it is easy. The wand vibrator has an LCD display which is very clear at glance.

The Leten lightning AV vibrator which gives orgasm is available in both grey and pink colors. The ABS and mild, skin-friendly silicone material are used in it. The material is safe to use and it is odorless. The head which vibrates is made of silica gel. It has a beautiful picture and it is very easy to operate. It will give you smooth and even stimulation that you have never experienced. It offers very high-frequency vibrations and orgasms due to its strong motor. It gives ten variable speeds and ten variable frequencies to offer you more choices. The roller has a key for the conversion of frequency. It gives a hundred types of gameplay.

The wand vibrator is USB rechargeable and it has a very silent design. It produces noise of less than 50db. The Leten wand vibrator and stimulator are waterproof. It takes two hours to charge. It can give you pleasure for two and half hours continuously. The AV stick female G spot massager is silent and private. It is fast and convenient with long battery life

Brand: Leten
Material: silicone+ABS
Size: 264*54mm
Charging time: 2h
Usage time: about 2.5h
Noise: less than 50db
Features: Extra-large massage head, neck bent 360° to fit vulva, LCD screen showing vibration intensity, 10 *10 frequency, roller adjusting speed.

Leten Lighting AV Stick-Young VersionLeten Lighting AV Stick-Young Version

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Leten Lighting AV Stick-Young Version
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