Leten X9-IV High Speed Automatic Piston with Heating & Voice

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  • Quadruple piston technology for 4 superior feelings
  • Fast piston sways like upper position
  • Long 45mm stroke piston from glans to roots
  • Gentle soft skin-like piston material
  • Whirlpool particle canal design stimulation
  • Hot 40°C constant heating
  • Moaning audio recorded by Hatano Yui
  • Infinitely variable speed control ring
  • Throttle-style speed display

Leten X9-IV Cup Leten X9-IV Cup Leten X9-IV Cup Leten X9-IV Cup Leten X9-IV Cup

Leten Upgraded Piston X9-IV – 4x Piston Pleasure Machine

The Leten Upgraded Piston X9-IV male masturbator features breakthrough quadruple piston technology to deliver 4 distinct and superior stroking sensations powered by an extra strong motor. With infinitely variable speed controls, take your pick from fast piston upper body swaying, 45mm full root to tip glans distance long strokes, gentle soft skin-like smooth piston movements or hot 40°C constant body temperature warmth.

Innovative whirlpool particle canal designs offer unique in and out stimulation as the textured nubs caress and tear in all the right ways amplified by the erotic moaning voice of Hatano Yui herself, recorded professionally on site just for your aural pleasure through this Leten machine.

Easy to operate throttle-style displays let you pinpoint the piston passion you desire across a wide 10 mode range in the Piston X9-IV male masturbation cup. Charge rapidly in under 45 minutes with the magnetic system and take your quadrupled ecstasy anywhere discreetly.


Material Silicone, ABS, TPE
Stroke Length 45 mm


1. How long does a charge last?

A full charge lasts for 45 minutes or more of use time.

2. Can the sound be turned off?

Yes, the Hatano Yui audio can be muted as per your preference.

3. Is the Leten X9-IV male masturbator waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof so do not submerge. The sleeve is removable for cleaning.

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Leten X9-IV CupLeten X9-IV High Speed Automatic Piston with Heating & Voice
Original price was: $129.00.Current price is: $89.90.
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