The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind

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A Major Upgrade

Listen, I consider myself a seasoned solo stroker connoisseur who isn’t easily impressed. I’ve tried all kinds of male masturbators over the years and gotta be honest – most of them just don’t quite deliver the goods, you feel me? I was getting real bored of the same ol’ sensation…or lack of sensation really. Those things can be as stimulating as a wet handshake, amiright fellas?

So I was itching to take things up a notch, get my jollies to the next level. And I’m happy to report the Leten Cannon King Pro gave me the kick in the pants (and other parts) I’ve been craving!

This sexy artillery cannon looking thing had me at first glance with its sleek design and large “barrel” just begging for a firing. It slips together in seconds so I was locked and loaded faster than you can say “fire in the hole!”

The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind

Damn, This Thing is Powerful

Ya boy has some pretty exacting standards if you catch my drift, so most masturbators don’t quite, ahem, measure up. But the Leten Cannon King Pro? Now we’re talking! What it lacks in warm cuddles it makes up for with insane power and versatility.

See, it’s got this crazy strong brushless motor that delivers 700 strokes per minute. That’s like double the speed of your run of the mill toys! On top of that, you can customize the stroke length anywhere from 2 to 12cm! So whether you like it fast and tight or slooooow for that complete slide, the Cannon King lets you really own your preferences.

And with the ability to switch up expansion modes on the fly you’ve got so many options to play with. One minute it’s steady gliding, the next I’ve got it jackhammering against my sweet spot like there’s no tomorrow. Talk about variable stimulation!

The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind

I Was In Complete Control

But as impressive as this high velocity hardware is, coulda been a dud if it didn’t actually vibe with me (again, no pun intended). That’s why I was so pumped by how hands-on everything is! You grip these two handles connected on either side of the barrel, see. The left controls power, volume, speed – standard stuff.

But the one on the right side lets you manually shift between allll those delicious patterns I mentioned. Just toggle the buttons and off it goes undulating exactly how and where you want. But my favorite feature? The magnetic pulse mode for targeted vibrations. I just set it to pulsate right on my sweet spot and hang on for the ride, babyyyy! Being able to customize the experience so specifically took this to a whole different dimension.

The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind
The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind

An Unreal Experience

And let me tell ya, between the customized speeds, the grippy handles, and the sight of this sexy machinery working its magic on me – it was an unreal experience! I legit felt like a warlock casting pleasure spells or something.

I’d strap my phone to the mount provided and stream some visual stimulation there while popping on the headphones pumping out those sexy audio tracks. Gave me the perfect POV angle while I stood gripping my cannon, fully immersed in my own little 4D pleasure dimension! And hands-free viewing meant I could even get comfy lying back while I scrolled through modes. Talk about versatility!

The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind
The Leten Cannon King Pro Blew My Mind

With up to 45 minutes of runtime I can have as many back-to-back sessions as I want before needing a recharge. Although tbh even 10 minutes with the Cannon King feels like an eternity when it’s dialed up to 11!

Anyway, for this seasoned stroker the Leten Cannon King Pro delivered the next level experience I was craving and then some! If you’re looking to blast your solo sessions into another dimension, I can’t rec this cannon enough!

Leten Cannon King Pro Fully Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator

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Leten Cannon King Pro 12cm Long Piston Telescopic Male Masturbator   Features Ultra-high speed motor with 700/400/200 times/min gear speeds […]

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